Issuu is a free electronic publishing platform for magazines, catalogs, newspapers and more. As a digital newsstand with over 21 million publications and 85 million active readers, issuu features leading and emerging titles in fashion, culture, arts, and hyperlocal content, all of which are accessible on any device.

From giants of the publishing industry to art-school graduates seeking a first job, issuu gives anyone with digitally bound content the ability to upload and distribute their publications worldwide. In just minutes. And as often as they’d like.

Issuu Features

You can sign up for the application through you social network. After signing up its just a matter of finding publications you are interested in and adding it to your stack. A stack is a collection of publications you’re interested in and issue remains free for users who just want to read something. After you subscribe new publication arrive in your feed on both the website and the mobile versions.

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On the publisher side, Issuu allows you to access a variety of powerful tools perfect for any blogger or magazine publisher, even on the Basic plan. The tools that they offer include:

  • The embedded reader, which allows you to share your publication online anywhere you like.
  • The Mobile HTML5 Reader, which means your readers do not have to go through the trouble of installing separate apps on their devices in order to access your publication.
  • Analytics, which are not available on the Basic plan. T
  • Social sharing, allowing you to make sure your posts are visible on Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and email.
  • Unlimited publishing with all plans, meaning that you can publish as much as you want and as often as you want. There are limits to sizes of individual files, however.
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  1. The Basic plan: which is completely free to use allows you to upload and share, read on both Android and iOS and embed everywhere. It also includes unlimited publishing
  2. The Plus plan: at $312 for the full year or $29 per month. This gives the same functionality as the Basic plan, as well as allowing you to customize your reader. It comes with basic features, including an ad-free reader and a stand-alone reader. Furthermore, it provides you with basic analytics
  3. The Premium Plan: at $420 per year or $39 per month, with gives you the Plus plan as well as allowing you to drive user engagement. It comes with a branded reader and advanced analytics and you have control over sharing and comments
  4. The Custom plan: which allows you to create something that is just right for you. You must contact Issuu to build your own plan and find out what the pricing policy is.
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Persons planning to use the app only for reading will get by on the free plan for reading magazines and newspapers etc. Be sure to grab a download on at the following links for either Android and iOS.