If you have a Digicel account, the My Digicel app might just be the thing you never knew you need. The app is available on Android, iOS and Blackberry and allows you to manage basically everything about your Digicel account from your device. The best part; while it works with internet, the app accesses data services from the Digicel network with or without an active data plan and does not consume any purchased data (atleast here in Guyana).

App Features

  • Access your account balance
  • Activate Plans and Subscriptions
  • Send credit to family and friends
  • Top Up online
  • Pay Bill for postpaid customers in British Virgin Island, Antigua, St. Lucia, Jamaica, Cayman.
  • Stay up to date with Digicel’s latest promotions and news

User Experience:

The app appears to be part of a subscriber account system tied to your mobile number. When you first open it, a login account is created to access the features and information is texted to your phone at the same time. Features in the app can also be accessed via a similar looking web portal. In my case, I already had a My Digicel account created for their Play Go App, so the app automatically logged me in and pulled my account info which was super impressive.

My phone happens to be a Google Nexus, which gives you direct control over what apps can access on your device and as mentioned on the app’s Google Play download page, the My Digicel app asked for permission to the following:

  1. SMS – So that we can retrieve pin codes from the SMS Inbox and make the registration process seamless
  2.  Media/Storage – So that you can customize your profile with photos from your device
  3.  Location – So that we can tailor offers and content to your location
  4. Address Book/Contacts – So that you can look up contacts in the device address book when using Credit U and International Call Me

The App also asked for permission to access the phone’s calling system, however, they failed to mention why it needed that access.  The user interface of the app is modern and clean and borrows from the flat UI designs that both Android and iOS have come to embrace. Being data driven, there’s plenty of information about your Digicel account and the graphical use interface (GUI) is also intuitive with a simple menu system.

In terms of features you can do so much, activate several plans and also activate plans for the Music app. One missing feature is that the app lacks a localized feeling and great integration with other Digicel services.  There’s literally no content in the app, no videos, no news etc like they promised but hopefully this changes in the future.

Bottom Line

The App is great and falls under those value added services you can expect from mobile carriers around the world. I only wished it offered more local content but it does offers occasional free perks like Amazon Cards & Free credit usually every Tuesday but you can only use the credit to make Digi-Digi calls locally.

Overall, the My Digicel App is definitely a good catch to have if you’re a Digicel customer download on the Google Play and iOS App Stores.