The Google Pixel event went down on a week ago on October 4th with a bunch of new hardware lineup. Several included the second generation of Pixel smartphones, new Google Homes, a Pixelbook, and a surprise new Google camera. If like me you missed the keynote where Google announced everything, here a roundup of all new gear Google announced after the smoke clears.

1. Google Home Mini

If you like the idea of the Google Home but don’t like the design, the Google Home Mini is here. Its the size of a doenut but does almost everything its bigger brother does.

2. Google Home Max

The Google Home Mini is the smaller version and the Home Max is the insane answer to the Apple’s Homepod. The Home Max can stand horizontally and vertically and will ship in December at a cost of $399.

3. Google Pixel Book

Its beena while since google update its Pixel book like, this new one came with some great love. It’s a four in one convertible that can be folded into a laptop then folded again to become a tablet. It weighs about 1kg and will ship in October at a cost of about of US$999 for the base model. The device also has support for a new US $99 Pixel Book Pen with 2000 levels of pressure sensitivity.

4. Google Pixel 2

The long awaited Pixel 2 phone from google is here after an huge demand for the original pixel. The Pixel is a bloat free, carrier free phone designed for the pure android experience. It’ll come in two sizes: 5” or a 6” XL model. It’s got an all-aluminum body with a curved OLED display, a fingerprint sensor (still on the back), front-facing stereo speakers and is IP67 water/dust resistant. Sadly, there’s no headphone jack. It’s all USB-C. The camera on the original Pixel was crazy good, and Google claims to have kicked it up another notch here with a great new camera.

5. New Daydream VR Headset

Following up the 2016 models, the new daydream view headsets brings a wider field of view and more colour options.

6. Google Pixel Buds

Google is getting into the wireless headphone game with a device that can translate live. The $159 Pixel Buds are tethered to each other but otherwise wireless, and they’ll come with a charging case that add around 24 hours of play time. Pixel Buds will ship in November.

7. Google Clips

Google Clips is a camera that clips onto whatever; your clothes, your bike, a table or whatever else is nearby. But, for the most part, you aren’t manually taking photos. It’s using machine learning (all happening on the device, Google notes) to snap shots automatically. It’ll recognize people, detect when a scene is stable and interesting and fire off pictures automatically.