The Guyana Telephone and Telegraph Company (GTT) is rolling out its free StreamTV video product as a value added service to its fixed line internet customers. According to the company’s website the TV channels including the highest rated prime time content from the US Networks as well as live news with an added DVR functionality.

The website states that you will be able to access the channels on supported browsers of GTT Fixed Internet ready service. Smartphones, tablets, PC’s, laptops, are common devices used to access the web application but must be connected to the GTT Fixed Internet Service (DSL, Blaze).

At launch the service includes 20 channels including the 5 major US Networks, NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX & The CW as well as a local channel HJtV, HGPTV and TVG. Notably missing from the local lineup is State Media Channel NCN.

According to GTT, the Stream TV service will utilize Adaptive Bit Rate technology which facilitates the dynamic adjustment based on the speed of the connection. Users are limited to two (2) simultaneous streams per fixed line account and with a note that the video streams will slow all other internet traffic in the home.

The service is not available via mobile data and the DVR functionality records content for up to 30 Days.