2017 was a hell of a year. Tech saw lots of innovations, Hip Hop music has gone through a renaissance. Politics has… Errr, maybe not everything was so glorious. This brings me to the subject of this article: 2017 has killed off quite a few fan favorites so here’s a list of the most notable ones and as of the date of writing more can still be added to the list!

1. Vine (January 24, 2013 – January 17, 2017)

Vine was probably the greatest thing before youtube took off in the way that it did. It had all the Damn, Daniel’s, dogs jamming with cowbells and so many more. While we’re patiently waiting for Vine 2 to come around we can look back at some of the greatest Vines of all time: https://goo.gl/9zgtxU

2. Club Penguin (October 24, 2005 – March 29, 2017)

Honestly, I’m not quite sure what I can say about this one other than most persons under 21 might only know this for the famous meme:

Even if that’s all you remember Club Penguin for its sad that the site geared at younger persons (with an excess of 250 million users at its height) go away in the way that it did.  There is the successor Club Penguin Island which is also owned by Disney so there is a small upside.

3. MS Paint (November 1985 – July 2017)

Seeing its release with Windows 1.0 the original O.G.  only supported 1-bit monochrome graphics. It is not until Windows 3.0 that Paint, now called Paintbrush, supported colour.  If you lived in the heyday of Windows XP with dial-up then Paint, along with pinball and Spider Solitaire were your best friends on a rainy day.

Although Paint hasn’t technically died, Microsoft has categorized it as a deprecated feature and won’t see any official support, which is a bit of an upside. Nonetheless, you can view some of the greatest pics ever made in Paint right here: https://goo.gl/13PxsV

4. Windows Phones (November 8, 2010 – October 8, 2017)

When you’re the juggernaut that’s been around since Dos you get your hands on a bit of everything. Microsoft tried just that in 2010 when the Windows phone was released. Aimed at taking the Windows platform mobile, the original release saw Windows 7 on a handheld.

Admittedly, these devices got better as time went on, but the numbers were never in Microsoft’s favour with heavy losses and a very low level of market-share penetration, has led to little hope for the Windows Mobile Platform and is undoubtedly another nail in that coffin.

If you have one of these devices you should know that Whatsapp will end support for the Windows Phone and other devices on the stroke of New Years.

5. AIM ( May 1997 – December 15, 2017)

AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) was the integrated Messenger Program that was bundled in Microsoft Computers in 1997. This meant that at its height its popularity it controlled more than a 52% market share. There was something iconic about AIM’s running man.

That and getting home, firing up the dial-up and talking to your friends, family and sometimes complete strangers. AIM’s usage declined quite because of the upsurge of social media networks such as Facebook and Myspace and around 2011 it was reported to have less than a 1% market-share.

AOL put out a statement about this travesty but on the upside, you can still use your @aim.com email if you want to do so.

Looking forward to 2018 and Beyond

While there was quite a bit of tech axing this article doesn’t even scratch the surface of things that came to an end this year. The Google Apps Store, Jawbone, The original Lily Drone, the iPod Shuffle and iPod Nano, Project Tango, Gchat, those ridiculous 3D TVs, Beepi, and so many others won’t see the light of day again. At least not in their current/last incarnations.

There were a few things that made it through 2017 that I personally hoped would get the Axe, chief among them being Yahoo mail. But there is something poetic about an end. It signifies change that fuels more innovation and helps us mark our progress.

Hopefully, 2018 is a year that continues the tech innovations that were created this year and those that have been a slow build over many years.

There’s quite a bit of tech to watch out for in the new year and you can expect us here at Gadgetrave to keep you up to date as that unfolds. If your favourite piece of tech, software or hardware, or other love came to an end this year, then let us know in the comments.

Ron Motilall is a Linux user and a huge technology enthusiast. He graduated with a LLB in Law from the University of Guyana and believes the late 90’s was the most important period for human innovation. Ron describes himself as a learner and teacher with extensive knowledge about open source technology and its role in changing innovation, you can read more of his articles here.