Local web developer Shaz Ally who is also the founder of the long time GuyanaPalace.com social network website has developed a new app that alert smartphone users of emergency situations happening around them in Guyana.

According to Ally, Report.GY send alerts directly to its smartphone users every time a significant incident or emergency happens near your location.

“This technology empowers you to make safe and informed decisions… real-time alerts: Location-based notifications help you avoid potentially dangerous situations.” Ally said.

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The app available on both the iOS and Android platform uses the wisdom of crowd sourcing the gather information then alerts are pushed to end users. The app also has additional features like incident details reports where other users can receive continuous updates and chat with the Report.GY community to follow a developing story.

In a brief conversation with Gadgetrave Ally attributed that his idea for the app came as a result of problems with the local 911 system.

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“[The] Intention was to make it more convenient for end users to get access to this kind of information and also… for persons to make a report.” he said.

In terms of handling fake reports, the app has capabilities to allow other app users to report incidents as fake and it will eventually come down. The ultimate aim Ally says in to integrate the Police force into the app where they can monitor and act upon the local alerts.

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Report.GY is a service that is self funded by Shaz Ally and is available on both the Google Play and iOS Stores for both Apple and Android devices.