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About Us

Gadgetrave.io is Guyana’s first dedicated technology news website lunched to cover the intersection of science, technology, entertainment and consumer electronics news.

Our Mission is to arm Guyanese with ideas to make them smarter, more creative and more courageous. Our editorial team creates and curates content that focuses on the most engaging science and tech stories, info-graphics and videos in Guyana and on the world wide web.

Founded in August 2016, Gadgetreave’s mandate is to spark greater interest in science and technology within Guyana by publishing content, information and in-depth analysis via our website and across social media channels.

Science and technology are not the only forces driving innovation. Art and Creativity plays a major role in the process. Gadgetrave looks at the roles these components play as a catalyst of development in research, technological advancements and business in the global marketplace.

If you have any questions, tips or for a correction, Feel free to hit us up by emailing contact@gadgetrave.io


Managing Editor – Ron D’Avilar
Ron is obsessed with media that seeks to inform, inspire and motivate people to make change and network for a common good. He is a final year BSc Mass Communications student at the University of Guyana with a focus on New Media & Technology. Having worked in editorial for several years Ron founded Gadgetrave.io in August 2016 to showcase Guyana’s unique prospective on technology and the world.

Contributing Editor – Leana Bradshaw
Leana is an experienced newspaper and television journalist plus a foodie by heart. She graduated with a BSc in Mass Communications from the University of Guyana and describes herself as a humanitarian with strong adherence to honesty, morals and good ethics in journalism. “Born and grow” in Guyana, Leana currently works as a Public Relations Officer for a utility company.

Senior Writer – Ron Motilall 
Ron is a Linux user and a huge technology enthusiast. He graduated with a LLB in Law from the University of Guyana and believes the late 90’s was the most important period for human innovation. Ron describes himself as a learner and teacher with extensive knowledge about open source technology and its role in innovation.

Brand Partnerships – Kimberly Singh
Kimberly loves the internet, is fitness oriented and believes in leading a healthy lifestyle. She works as Marketing Supervisor at radio 93.1 Real FM. “Marketing isn’t just learnt but it goes hand in hand with your personality… technology is the new marketing in the 21st century” she says. Kimberly is also a final year BSc Business Management student at the University of Guyana and balances her work, life, school & gym commitments with a full 8hrs of sleep.